Sede Afundación Ferrol

Sede Afundación Ferrol
Sede Afundación’s building in Ferrol has traditionally played an important role in the city’s history. On different occasions, its facilities have served as Town Hall, local prison, the school where leading figures Concepción Arenal and Gonzalo Torrente Ballester taught their clases, and even the headquarters of the Military Government.

This facility is located in La Magdalena area, right in the heart of Ferrol and close to some of the city’s iconic buildings –the Mercado, the Teatro Jofre or the Cathedral. At front of the building extends the Plaza de la Constitución, a beautiful esplanade that makes an ideal space for outdoor events.

The building was last renovated in 2005. The modern additions integrate well with the building’s traditional features. Stone, glass, steel and wood combine elegantly to provide a multipurpose space in a fully accessible facility.

No hay eventos en este recinto en los próximos días.

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