Sede Afundación

Sede Afundación
Sede Afundación in A Coruña is located in a modern building designed by architect Nicolas Grimshaw. The cutting-edge plan makes for a modern addition to the city’s historical heritage. The facility integrates elegantly with the surrounding buildings and enhances the layout of the Cantón Grande thanks to a large passageway linking Cantones with Rúa Estrella.

The design evokes the crest of a wave that soars over the Cantones and crashes into the building’s backlit façade. It is meant as a reinterpretation of the typical glass galleries of the buildings along the Marina. The building –also known as the crystal wave– combines stone, which is traditionally used in Galician arquitecture, and metal with great expressiveness while it emphasises zenith light.

This space was conceived as a reference cultural centre. It boasts 7692 square metres that strech on an innovative and efficient layout. The facilities include fully-equipped rooms with state-of-the-art techonology that make them the perfect space for exhibitions, performances, conferences and workshops. The centre also has a café.

The Royal Institute of British Arquitects (RIBA) awarded this construction in 2006. The building is fully accessible and holds the Emás and ISO 14001 certifications.

The Sede Afundación A Coruña is a fantastic venue for any event. Our team of excellent professionals have ample experience in event planning and will cater to your every need.

No hay eventos en este recinto en los próximos días.

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