¿Cómo funciona Ataquilla.com?


Selects the event

Through Ataquilla.com will find the most diverse offer of ocio, ranging the widest scenic and musical arts (dance, lyric, classical music, other musics, theater, musical, etc). Ataquilla.com Allows you the possibility to consult the available events 24 hours to the day, 365 days to the year, of fast form, simple and sure. You can find the show through different formulas, employing the searcher or through the menu situated in the upper zone of the page.


Selects the tickets

Once selected the event, chooses the day and the hour of the function and will be able to choose the number and the location of your towns. It make his selection in the plane of towns that will deploy to the effect. It will Be able to opt by the automatic selection (the system will assign him the best available towns) or the manual selection (you chooses personally the towns that wishes to purchase).


Payment of the entrances

Once chosen the towns, presses to BUY and will access to the screen of payment. In the top will appear the data detailed of the purchase that go to make. Check That the data are correct, since once confirmed the operation, do not admit changes neither refund. The towns selected will be able to pay with any card of credit Euro6000, Visa, Mastercard or 4B of any financial entity. Also you will be able to pay the entrances through PayPal of fast and safe way with his account PayPal, without sharing financial information with Ataquilla.com.


To accept the proposal presses to CONTINUE and will proceed to make the charge of the towns chosen.

Once realized the purchase, will arrive to the electronic post of the buyer a notification of confirmation of the purchase, in which will indicate the show, the towns purchased like this as the number of reference that will serve like justificante of the operation realized.

If you choose to pay with PayPal, will arrive to the post associated to the account PayPal the receipt of purchase with a number of reference that will serve like receipt of purchase and to the post of the buyer a notification of confirmation of the purchase, in which it will indicate the show, the places purchased.


Collects your entrance

  • In the venue of the show:
    • En la taquilla del recinto donde se desarrolle la actividad, presentando el DNI para acreditar la titularidad de la misma. En el caso de la adquisición de entradas bonificadas, el recinto se reserva el derecho de solicitar documento acreditativo.
      If the tickets were purchased by means of the payment through PayPal, will have to present the receipt that PayPal sends to the email address associated to the transaction.
  • If the tickets were purchased by means of the payment through PayPal, will have to present the receipt that PayPal sends to the email address associated to the transaction.
  • Print@Home

    Impression of tickets at home This is the most comfortable system and advanced that exists to receive your tickets, allowing obtain them in the same moment that realize the purchase and without moving you of house.

    Note: This service is available only in those events that indicate PRINT@HOME in the moment of the purchase

    Information step by step:

    • You can print your tickets from the screen where appears the summary of the purchase. You will be able to download the pdf and print the document generated. Also you can check your pending tickets to print anytime from the following link: Check your purchase
    • You must procure to check whenever the printer is connected and the state of the cartridge or toner before printing the tickets. It is not necessary the impression in colour, only that they have normal resolution and in DIN A4 format DIN To4.
    • You can go to the enclosure where will validate your tickets.
    • Although there are print several copies of the tickets, only will consider valid the first ticket presented, and never will allow go in to those who later try it with the same ticket. The organization reserves the right to request the necessary accreditation.

    Already has his tickets! Once realized the purchase, you will be able to print a code of operation that will serve him like proof of the operation realized.rn

    And finally, enjoy of the show.


    Return or cancellation of entries.

    Make sure that the selected locations are correct. Tornavoid confusion, the system will ask for confirmation of datarnprovided before making your purchase. Note that, exceptrntechnical issues, any purchase made through Ataquilla.com canrnring. NovaCaixaGalicia with Ataquilla.com sales service is designed to facilitate both promoters and the public acquisition of these entries butrnNovaCaixaGalicia no time is the selling entity. For this reason,rnNovaCaixaGalicia not assume the obligations and responsibilities incumbent upon the Organization.


    Terms of Use

    The purchase of this ticket means the acceptance of the following conditions:

    1. The organizer does not guarantee the authenticity of the tickets not purchased in the official points of sale, so in this case it declines any responsibility and the access to the enclosure is not allowed any carrier of an amended entry, broken or showing signs of forgery.
    2. No changes or returns allowed.
    3. Se requiere puntualidad. No se garantiza el acceso al espectáculo una vez iniciado el mismo.
    4. When you enter to the enclosure, the public can be subject to a record according to the law, not allowing the entry of objects that could be considered to be dangerous by the organizer or to prohibit by the in force regulation.
    5. We reserve the right to refuse admission.
    6. In the theatrical and musical shows are reserved all rights to intellectual property and image of the show, being able the carrier of the entry neither introduce cameras, of video or recording, nor film or record the same one without written authorization of the organizer. For the rest of the shows will act in accordance with agreements and legislation in each case.
    7. Please turn off any electronic device to silence the alarm clocks and mobile phones.
    8. undación Galicia Obra Social, as authority for this entry, does not assume the obligations and responsibilities that fall to the organizer. In case of suspension or cancellation of the show, the return of the amount shall be subordinates to the previous payment by the developer to Fundación Galicia Obra Social of precise quantities to this effect.

    Consultation Service and Incidents

    Existe un Servicio de Atención al Público para todo tipo de consultas e incidencias relacionadas con el servicio de venta de entradas en el 986 110 500
    E-Mail: [email protected]

    Commissions, rebates and discounts.

    Fundación Galicia Obra Social apply the following fees per ticket sold:
    4% of the amount of the entry with the following minimums:
    In general,

    • Purchase through www.ataquilla.com: 1,60 €.

    These fees may be subject to changes based on agreements with the organizers or promoters of events.

    What goes Ataquillathese commissions? Is Ataquilla.com Sales Service Locations Novacaixagalicia Social Work. Besides putting at your disposal the most diverse range of leisure, with your purchase you will contribute actively to the development of economic and cultural programs of this entity.


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