Terms and conditions of use



1. It remains forbidden the reproduction, copy, modification or distribution of the contents with advertising or commercial purposes, without the permission expresses of The FUNDACIÓN GALICIA OBRA SOCIAL. In contrary case would be incurring in an infringement penalised by the valid legislation. Also, the user will answer of any action that, direct or indirectly, cause a damage or damage to the portal. The whole of this portal: text, images, marks, logos, archives, components of audio and video, is protected by the Law of the Copyright.

2. The user forces to the correct use, lawful and diligent of the content and services that offer and engages to not to use them with contrary purposes to the law or to the public order. The user will not use the services and contents so that it can suppose a danger for the portal causing his inutilización, overloads or deterioration.
3. The FUNDACIÓN GALICIA OBRA SOCIAL refuses all responsibility on any no contained information in these web pages and that, therefore, has not elaborated or has not published with his name. Of special way, refuses all responsibility by the damages and damages owed to the access, operation, availability or continuity of the same, as well as of the quality of the service, reliability and legitimacy of the contents and information that publishes in web pages of third people connected by links (link) with the web pages of the portal.

4. The commercial conditions of this service and the offers that eventualmente can carry out by the portal always appear in the mentioned web page by what can be consulted, filed or impresas. The FUNDACIÓN GALICIA OBRA SOCIAL reserves the right to modify anytime the present General Conditions, as well as any one other general or particular conditions, regulations of use or warnings that result of application. The FUNDACIÓN GALICIA OBRA SOCIAL will be able to modify the General Conditions notifying it with antelación sufficient, with the end to improve the services and products offered through the same. By means of the modification of the General Conditions exposed in the web page, will understand by fulfilled said have to of notification. Anyway, before using the services or hire products, will put consult the General Conditions. Likewise it reserves the right to modify anytime the presentation, configuration and location of the Website, as well as the contents and the conditions required to use the same.

5. The FUNDACIÓN GALICIA OBRA SOCIAL will not be responsible of the delays or failures that produced in the access, operation and operating capacity of the Web, or in his services and/or contents, as well as neither of the interruptions, suspensions or the bad operation of the same, when had his origin in failures produced by natural catastrophes or situations of greater strength , or of extreme urgency, such like strikes, attacks or computer intrusions or any another situation of greater strength or haphazard cause, as well as by errors in the telematic networks of transfer of data. The user engages to fulfil with the established in the General Conditions published by The FUNDACIÓN GALICIA OBRA SOCIAL in the Web in each moment. The user recognises and accepts that the access and use of the website www.servinova.com and of the included contents in the same takes place of free form and consciously, under his exclusive responsibility. The user engages to do a suitable and lawful use of the Website and of the contents, of compliance with the applicable legislation, the present General Conditions, the morals and good habits generally accepted and the public order.

6. The FUNDACIÓN GALICIA OBRA SOCIAL refuses all derivative responsibility of the bad use of the contents of the Web and reserves the right to update them when it wish it, delete them and limit or prevent the access to them, of temporary or definite form.

7. The information contained in this Web is the valid in the date of his last update and has to be considered like introductory information for the relative user to the products, services and other informations contained in these pages.

8. The FUNDACIÓN GALICIA OBRA SOCIAL reserves the right of suspension or modification of the conditions of access to his Web, as well as of the change of contents and services, without prior notice, by technical reasons or other reasons.

9. The FUNDACIÓN GALICIA OBRA SOCIAL does not hold responsible of the possible errors of security that could produce by the utilisation of computers infected with computer viruses neither of the consequences that could derive of the bad operation of the browser or by the use of versions no updated of the same.

10. Both parts declare on purpose that the acceptance of the offer of service of the portal by the user carries out through the follow-up of the procedure of purchase described in the separated Information and Operation. The fact to fill telemáticamente all the steps described for the process of purchase of the/s gone in/s by the user supposes the acceptance integrates and expresses of the present general conditions.

11. The user is the only responsible of the veracity of the data entered by him same in the procedure of purchase, and accepts the obligation to facilitate truthful data, exact and complete. If the user breaks this obligation, will remain under his responsibility the answer by the possible damages and damages produced to the portal or to a third.

12. The user has to ensure fehacientemente before transacting the reservation of the accuracy and adecuación of the data entered, since it is not possible the return of the entrances purchased once realised the purchase. Not being able to assist to the show or commit an error when purchasing the entrances are not reasons that allow his return.

13. The provision of the service of the Web www.servinova.com has an indefinite length. Nevertheless, The FUNDACIÓN GALICIA OBRA SOCIAL is authorised to give by finished or suspend the provision of the service anytime, without prejudice to what had had in this regard in the corresponding general conditions. When this was reasonably possible, the portal will warn previously the terminación or suspension of the provision of the service.

14. The user subjects , with renunciation expresses to any another fuero, to the courts and courts of the city of Vigo (Spain ). These General Conditions govern by the Spanish law. Both parts recognise that the applicable legislation to the present agreement, and to all the juridical relations dimanantes of the same, will be the Spaniard, by expresses application of the had in the article 1.262 of the Civil Code, in relation to the had in the Chapter IV, of the Preliminary Title of the same legal body.

15. Some of the pages of the portal of The FUNDACIÓN GALICIA OBRA SOCIAL have of cookies, that are small files of data that generate in the computer of the user or customer and that allow to our systems remember he portal chosen other characteristics or preferences of navigation of the user. These "cookies" are not invasivas, neither harmful, neither contain data of personal character, since his only function is to customise his navigation in the before expressed form.

16. The user authorises to The FUNDACIÓN GALICIA OBRA SOCIAL to incorporate the data of personal character that contributes to the databases of this Entity and to his treatment, with the end to realise all the activities related with the purchase and delivery of the places requested. The treatment of the data will realise of confidential form and of compliance with the valid rule that in each moment regulate the data protection of personal character. The FUNDACIÓN GALICIA OBRA SOCIAL guarantees the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition in relation with these data, that will be able to be exercised by the user in any one of his offices.

17. What describes in these General Conditions is to informative title. The FUNDACIÓN GALICIA OBRA SOCIAL excludes any type of guarantee, and, therefore, remains free of total derivative responsibility of the points expressed previously, as well as of other appearances that can not being contemplated in the present document.


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