Privacy policy

I.   Privacy policy and Data protection

Fundación Galicia Obra Social complete the established in the General Conditions of the Place with the current Privacy policy. Fundación Galicia Obra Social engages with his users to fulfil with the valid legislation in matter of data protection of personal character.

II.  Confidentiality in the treatment automated of the data of personal character.

Fundación Galicia Obra Social guarantees the confidentiality of the data of personal character facilitated by the users and his treatment automated in accordance with the valid legislation on data protection of personal character, and in particular the Organic Law 15/1999 of 13 December of Data protection of Personal Character and his Regulation of Development 1720/2007, of 21 December, as well as all the European rule and applicable Spaniard to this matter. Fundación Galicia Obra Social Has adopted the levels of security of protection of the personal data established in the valid rule, and has installed all the technical and organisational means to his scope to avoid the loss, bad use, alteration, unauthorised access and theft of the personal data facilitated.

All the proportionate data will be treated according to the valid rule on personal data protection, and anyway will have the character of confidential for the personnel of Fundación Galicia Obra Social that manage said information.

III.  Collected of data. Purpose of the collected of data

During the process of collected of data, the Users will be informed of the compulsory character or volunteer of the collected of data. The marked fields in asterisk (*)are strictly necessary, being voluntary the inclusion of the other data.

The financial data collected are used to authorise the payment and invoice the products and services. When realising the purchase in the Place, the user gives his consent so that his personal data and/or financial necessary provide to said third if necessary to process the transactions that realise with us, like companies of charge cards, banks and companies that manage the sending in our name. This includes the exchange of information with other companies and organisations for the protection against the fraud and reduction of risk of the credit. Except in what it indicates previously, Fundación Galicia Obra Social will not share the financial data with third without the previous consent of the user.

In the process of register of the transactions of charge cards, all the confidential information that sends  to our web is enciphered and therefore, protected of third. The sending of said sensitive information realises  through the protocol of security SSL (Secure Socket Layer), that enciphers the information that sends us before it arrive us to protect it of third parts.

The available system of entrances uses a safe server and the last technology in encryption. A server sure guarantees you the privacy of the data that transmit by Internet. Said privacy achieves  by means of the protocol SSL.

Fundación Galicia Obra Social Will not reveal the personal information that provide us in this website to third, except when the disclosure was demanded by the valid legislation, by court order, or by a competent authority, as well as when it have to communicate the indispensable data by logical reason of the provision of the service or ask  of form expresses giving the user his consent. Fundación Galicia Obra Social Will be able to communicate the data and indispensable information of the user to the companies associated of events, like enclosures and promoters, if necessary that said companies put in contact with the user or provide information regarding the event or show for which the user has purchased an entrance.

IV.  Consent of the User

The sending of personal data by means of the use of the electronic forms of the Website or the contents, in his case, in messages of email, supposes the consent express of the user to the treatment automated of the included data through the media indicated. Said consent involves the permission by part the user/organiser to receive information on services and products offered through Fundación Galicia Obra Social or companies collaborators that could be of his interest, as well as to the sending of communications by electronic road with information related with Fundación Galicia Obra Social and his initiatives. The user, will be able to give of drop or modify his data of fast and free form. The data collected are the suitable, pertinent and no excessive in relation with the field, the purposes and determinate services, explicit and legitimate of Fundación Galicia Obra Social. So that the services of Fundación Galicia Obra Social can work is necessary that enter his personal information when registering. Fundación Galicia Obra Social Processes these registers. Said fields will be always proportional and no excessive in relation with the object of the sale of entrances for a determinate event. In case to have special conditions of privacy for a concrete event will do know by the organiser in the moment of the collect of the personal data.

V.  Commercial communications. Cession of personal data of the users to third.

Fundación Galicia Obra Social puts to disposal of the users, the service of sending of a bulletin in which they include  the news, novelties and information more notable of the events promoted in the website. Likewise, the user will be able to give of drop or modify the data of subscription to the mentioned bulletin or alerts. If it does not wish to receive more emails of Fundación Galicia Obra Social, please, communicate it to us to: [email protected]. We inform that when giving  of drop will not be able to keep on being informed through this half of the news, novelties and notable information of the website.

Fundación Galicia Obra Social Will request, in the same moment of the collected of data, the consent of the user to receive information, advertising, commercial communications electronic road about products or services related with the activity of Fundación Especial Novacaixagalicia Obra Social and/or of the promoter, his initiatives, etc. Fundación Galicia Obra Social will not yield the personal data of the users that collect  through the Website to third without his consent express. Without prejudice to the previous, the user consents in that they yield  his personal data when like this it was required by the competent administrative authorities or by judicial mandate. If the user facilitates the data of his charge card or direction of turnover for the purchase of entrances, Fundación Galicia Obra Social will communicate to the intermediate or banking entity corresponding that information that result necessary to transact the payment. This communication realises  of form automated, and in any moment the personnel of Fundación Galicia Obra Social has access to the data of his charge card, that travel by the network enciphered and of form totally safe. Likewise, the intermediate or banking entity does not retain, yields, stores neither uses the personal information with other ends.

The treatment of the data of personal character, as well as the sending of commercial communications realised by electronic means, are according to the valid rule in matter of data protection of personal character and of services of the Information Society and of E-commerce, as well as to the rule that develops it and to any another applicable rule.

VI.  Rights of the users of these services in relation to his personal data.

In fulfillment of the had in the applicable rule informs  of the existence of files of personal data properly inscribed in the General Register of the Spanish Agency of Data protection. The users have recognised and will be able to exercise the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition by means of communication headed to Fundación Galicia Obra Social, identifying sufficiently, to the email address: [email protected].

VII.  Use of Cookies and of the file of activity.

Our analyser of traffic of the website uses cookies and follow-ups of IPs that allow us collect data to statistical effects eat: date of the first visit, number of times that has visited , date of the last visit, URL and command of which comes from, navigator used and resolution of the screen. The cookies used by the Website are files sent to a browser by means of a server web to register the activities of the user in the Website and allow him a more fluent navigation and personalised. Nevertheless, the user, if it wishes it, can disable and/or delete these cookies following the instructions of his browser of Internet.

VIII. Changes in the Privacy policy and of Data protection.

The present privacy policy will be able to vary over time because of the possible legislative changes, jurisprudential or of the criteria gone on down the Spanish Agency of Data protection and/or the competent authority in each moment. It is thus that Fundación Galicia Obra Social reserves  the right to modify the present Privacy policy to adapt it to legislative or jurisprudential novelties.

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